Spring into Bloom

Each spring we hope to hold a fundraiser that will support Birdshot Research. In 2021 we held a 'Spring into Bloom Auction'. Thanks to those who helped make it a success!


Plans are underway for a different kind of event in 2022. Stay tuned for more details!



the gathering.png

The Gatherings

​We love hosting casual online gatherings in which a small number of us Birdies can chat about our birdshot concerns. Who knows? Maybe someone else has the same frustration as you!


We held four successful gatherings in 2021 and plan to host a few more in 2022!

Group Meeting

Birdshot Day

In 2019, Christine Griffith 

hosted a Birdshot Day in Philadelphia. It was an amazing gathering of birdies, medical professionals and tech reps, and afterwards, several birdies were inspired enough to establish BUSNA!


We hope that, when Covid-19 calms down, we'll meet for another day of educational forums and comradery. This year we'll host a few virtual educational events. Fingers crossed for an in-person Birdshot Day in 2023! 

Talking on phones

Local Ambassadors

We're setting up a network of Birdshot Ambassadors in each region. Whether you're newly diagnosed and looking to chat with another birdie, or you'd like to help new birdies in your area, be sure to let us know.